About Us

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I’m Scott Stearman and I’d like to tell you more about the Soldier Statues website and the mission behind my company, Scott Stearman Productions.

I’ve spent thousands of hours, over the last 20 years, molding clay to tell stories of honor, nobility, and service to country. The pieces you see on are created with a dedication to a process, divided into three core values that guide my creative designs when I’m in my studio. One value cannot be skipped or exist independently of the others:

  • God creates good
  • We are a reflection of that good
  • Through conflict and triumph, we honor the nobility of our Creator

Scott Stearman Productions is about reminding humanity of the honor, truth, and nobility of the human heart. We often forget these ideals, but through the power and permanence of sculpture, I seek to whisper of hope into distracted world.

I care deeply about the stories behind my pieces. I want that story to flow through my hands, into the piece, and ultimately to the viewer.

It is a story of ordinary Americans who become extraordinary when they take the oath, raise their weapon, and stare into the face of our enemies—so that we don’t have to. The task I have embraced as a sculptor is to create art pieces that connect with the hearts of people. When words fail, my desire is that one my sculptures will help you express the emotion surrounding the service and sacrifice of our military and their families.

Please watch the video, below, to learn more about the values that are at the center of every sculpture I create.