Creating a Sculpture

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When I have an idea for a sculpture, I begin to research the details that would be incorporated into the new design. With every sculpture, I have conversations with active duty servicemen who help me refine  the message and detail for the finished piece.

Sitting at my bench in my studio, I will have photos and often the real weapons and equipment as references. Using modeling clay, wax, and wood, I shape the pieces into the final form.

Sculptor at Work

When the sculpture is completed, the design is molded in a firm but flexible Polyurethane rubber by a master mold maker. The castings created are the strong resin base of the sculpture.

Moldmaking process

After the casting is carefully checked and cleaned, it is finished and sealed with a beautiful bronze tone finish. Each sculpture is inspected before it is attached to a solid walnut base; personalized engraving is created and the finished sculpture is carefully packaged for final delivery to you.