How To Honor A Hero

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The sculptures of Scott Stearman Productions are created to give you  a way to honor the Hero in your life.

In common times, Heroes are rare. Often they wear uniforms…. many times they do not. When we look them in the eye, our words don’t always come easy…trying to express the gratitude we feel for the sacrifice and service of a soldier and the families who sent them.

When I think about the heroes I have known, I always see the faces of soldiers. But, just as often, I see the faces of the moms and dads, husbands, wives and children, who have watched their loved one leave home to fulfill their duty.

Creating a military memorial is a huge honor and a huge responsibility. More important than just creating an accurate sculpture, I have to tell the story well. But how do you sculpt honor and dignity and sacrifice? I’m trying to learn. I know that when a mom holds one of my sculptures in her hands and it is supposed to tell her story and her son’s story, I feel the weight of that moment. So, when I’m alone in my studio, shaping the clay in front of me, all those families and soldiers are looking over my shoulder … whispering … so that I get the story right.